Playing the Monopoly Big Event Slot Machine Online

How to Play the Big Event Slot in Monopoly

In MobileCasinoParty’s Monopoly Big Event slot review, you’ll learn how to maximize your chances of winning big and having a wonderful time while doing it. This classic game successfully combines elements of slot machines and Monopoly.

There are two different game modes, so players may choose how they wish to play. Everything you need to spin the epic spins wheels or the huge win multipliers is right here. We also provide information on the finest online casinos offering no deposit free spins bonuses.

Structure of the Game

The similarities to Monopoly are unmistakable. The symbols, user interface, and extra features are all styled like the original board game.

High-quality visuals and animations are to be expected from such a well-known company.

In the Monopoly Big Event slot, winning symbols are:


Joe Monopoly

Ship of metal

Vehicle made of metal

Steel kitty

Iron canine

Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes, Sevens, Eights, Nines, Ten

Logo for the Big Event edition of Monopoly.

It’s also possible to run across the unfavorable ‘in jail’ sign while playing the additional features, which is a bummer.

There is a wealth of information available to players via the “help” or “information” button, and the UI is generally easy to use.

Sounds and Music from Slot Machines

The slot machine’s jingles, buzzes, and chimes are well balanced and enjoyable to listen to.

The lack of any music other than the sound of spinning reels isn’t too distracting. When you score a victory, a bell rings, which might get annoying after a while, but the drums that play when you acquire a feature symbol are great.

The sound effects are excellent in general, and they really help to give the game a “game show” atmosphere during the bonus rounds. However, we feel that the game might be improved by the addition of some of these musical features to the baseline edition.

Unique Characteristics

Since the bonus in Monopoly Big Event can be “bought,” this slot machine is ideal for casual gamers.

There are two tiers of the ‘Big Bet’ game: the $20 option offers a progressive win multiplier over five spins, while the $30 option has you spin a boardgame-style bonus wheel to determine whether you’ll receive the progressive win multiplier, the epic spins multiplier, or the persisting wild big event as an in-game bonus.

Matching five wilds or five monopoly men symbols will win the jackpot in the regular game. The wilds can replace any icon other than the scatter and the ‘in jail’ icon.

In order to activate the Big Event, players must line up three, four, or five of the Big Event logo tokens. With the exception of the huge bet game with permanent wilds enabled, these can only occur on reels one, three, and five. More symbols are needed to activate the bonus, however doing so will result in greater payouts:

The home preview bonus is activated with four symbols.

With five symbols, you may unlock the hotel preview bonus.

Three residences’ chance card positions are shown in the house sneak preview, while three hotels’ chance card locations are revealed in the hotel sneak preview. Players can then select the appropriate chance cards to claim their prize.

Community chest cards can be revealed by players, and their amounts of free spins and guaranteed winnings can be used in the game. For the locked wilds and dancing wilds bonuses, the overturned chance cards reveal bonus icons. If you reveal three of the same symbol, you’ll activate the associated bonus, which will provide you with the total amount of free spins and guaranteed winnings you’ve accumulated up to that point.

Any wilds that appear on the reels during the locked wilds free spins feature will remain there until the feature ends. A reel will turn wild at random during the dancing wild free spins.

The lowest earning sign in the bonus round is removed from play when the ‘in jail’ symbol appears.

What We Think about the Monopoly Big Event Slot

The slot machine version of Monopoly Big Event is fun and simple to play because of its many useful features and bonus rounds. The bonus rounds are where the game really heats up, bringing with it a genuine gameshow atmosphere and plenty of excitement as players must choose between the chance cards and the community cards. If you enjoy the board game, you’re going to really enjoy this slot machine adaptation.

MobileCasinoParty has the top online casino bonuses and free spins coupons so you can get started playing the Monopoly Big Event slot machine right away.

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