Documents required and benefits on Las Vegas checking account

What Xoslot does a Las Vegas checking account entail?
KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is a mandatory process for new account holders on the gaming platform. From the moment you open a Las Vegas casino account , you have a maximum of 30 days to do so.

Casino players must perform a Las Vegas casino account verification to have your identity verified. In this way, minors are prevented from accessing accounts and games on the website. Considering the fact that Las Vegas account verification involves sending certain documents of an official nature, its implementation really proves its usefulness.

To remember!
Account verification not only involves preventing minors from accessing games by verifying the player’s identity, but also preventing money laundering and getting to know the casino’s players better. By being able to associate a face to the player’s name, it makes the team know the customer better and possibly relate better.
Documents required for Las Vegas account verification
A Las Vegas casino account verification involves sending certain documents to the team in charge of the process. In this case, a Las Vegas casino account validation requires the submission of an official document certifying the player’s identity and proof of home address.

The identification card required for Las Vegas account validation must be valid and can consist of the player’s ticket, or in its absence, the driver’s license, passport or residence permit.
The proof of residential address required for a Las Vegas account validation must not be more than 3 months old and can consist of a bank statement, utility bill, criminal record or other official document received from state institutions. This type of document must include your first and last name, the date of issue and your home address. In the case of the utility bill, mobile phone bills are not accepted.
Bank Card – If the player opts to use their bank card to make deposits to their account, then they will need to verify that as well. In this regard, the player will send pictures of the bank card. In the picture of the front of the card, it will leave only the first and last four digits visible, and in the picture of the back of the card, the CVV code will be covered. If using an e-wallet , the player will submit a screenshot of the wallet interface.
Now that you know what documents are required for a Las Vegas casino account validation, continue reading and find out how to verify your Las Vegas casino account,

How to verify your Las Vegas casino account
Let’s find out together how you can send the necessary documents for a Las Vegas account validation, more precisely, how to verify your Las Vegas casino account.

Once you have taken the pictures of the documents required to perform the KYC verification, you can send them to the team by accessing your account menu. Log in to your account and go to “My Profile”, then “Verify Account”. Select the type of document you want to send and press the “Check” button.

Log in to your account and access “My Profile”.

Select the “Account verification” option, then the type of document you want to verify

Press the “Verify” button and wait for confirmation from the staff.

To remember!
Account verification usually takes a maximum of 72 hours, but this period can be extended if there are many verification requests or if additional verifications are required. In this case, you will be contacted by the casino team in order to submit additional documents. Remember that you must complete Las Vegas account verification within 30 days of its creation, otherwise it will be closed.
What awaits you after you complete the Las Vegas account verification
First of all, you get rid of the stress of canceling your account. Once you complete Las Vegas casino account validation, you will no longer have to worry about the 30 days in which the account must be verified. Then, once you successfully complete the process, you will no longer be limited in deposits.

An unverified account allows the player to make Las Vegas deposits of a maximum of 900 RON and does not allow withdrawals. So checking your account allows you to deposit as much as you want and make the most of the potential bonuses you could receive. In addition, you will be able to withdraw your winnings at any time as long as you meet the minimum Las Vegas wagering requirements .

After completing the account verification, you will be able to fully claim the welcome bonus and receive up to 5,000 RON and 500 free spins . All you have to do is deposit at least 50 RON and the amount available for play will be automatically doubled by the bonus.

To remember!
Don’t forget that you will receive a bonus for each of the first 5 deposits, so checking your account will help you claim the bonus in full. Don’t forget that Las Vegas casino has countless surprises in store for its players, so be sure to check out the promotions section.
Las Vegas account verification is a beneficial action not only for the players, but also for the casino. By verifying the account, the casino ensures that players are not minors and that no money is laundered, and players gain unlimited access to the account and game suite, being able to claim their winnings at any time.

If you have already created an account on the gaming platform of the Las Vegas casino, then do not hesitate and complete the verification process! Submit the necessary documents through your account menu and wait to be notified. Then just enjoy the games on the platform, bet and win!

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